Albany keeps passing scatter-brained laws

I think that we are about to see another example of typical liberal scatter-brained, short-sighted legislation in Albany. Years ago, laws were passed to prohibit age discrimination because employers were hiring younger workers and discriminating against older workers. Now our wisdom-starved politicians are considering giving tax credits to employers to hire younger workers. Then we will have laws prohibiting age discrimination and laws promoting age discrimination.

I have nothing against teenagers, in fact, I was once one myself. But wouldn’t it be better to hire a 45-year-old worker who might have a family to support than a teenager with lesser obligations? I wonder how many 45-year-old workers will lose their jobs in the rush to hire younger workers. I wonder how many teenagers will lose their jobs when they turn 21.

I wonder if the elevators in the Albany statehouses ever go to the top floors.

Lyman Lowrey