Why hasn’t Obama submitted a budget?

As Bette Davis warned us, “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

On March 31, the federal budget that President Obama agreed to last year will expire. The general media and The News will report another budget crisis – the shutdown of the federal government – and blame the Republicans in Congress.

But wait a minute. Has Obama fulfilled his part and submitted a written annual budget to Congress? No, he has not. I realize the Constitution does not require the president to present an annual budget to Congress, but there are other laws that require the presidential office to comply with a written budget proposal for consideration in Congress.

The first law is the Budget and Accounting Act passed in 1921, which became the foundation for the modern budget process. For 92 years, 15 presidents abided by this law and bowed to the mandate by submitting a budget to Congress, so our elected officials and taxpayers would have a working idea of the president’s vision of funding needs.

In 1974, Congress passed another law, the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act, which established a timetable for the president’s budget proposals. It clearly requires the president’s office to present a working budget to Congress on or before the first Monday in February.

Obama has flouted these laws. Soon the government could be shut down and Obama will face another crisis of his own making. Instead of manning up to his own shortcomings, he’ll use free TV time and newspaper space to vilify Republicans, who by the laws of the land cannot/should not act on budget items without an official written budget from Obama’s office.

Obama needs to obey the law and submit a budget.

Sallye M. Keith