Judge right to reject Bloomberg drink law

Many TV pundits have stated that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s heart is in the right place with his push to outlaw soda drinks exceeding 16 ounces. I couldn’t disagree more. His heart is pumping blood down to his feet, which are stomping on the U.S. Constitution.

How can attorneys who studied law and the Constitution agree with such an outlandish law? Bloomberg and his appointed politburo pushed through the most ridiculous piece of legislation since prohibition, and we all know how that worked out.

Sugar consumption being the great evil that it is, why not close down all candy stores and bakeries in New York? Smoking is at least as bad as a super-size drink, so why not pass a law limiting the purchase to one pack of smokes instead of a 10-pack carton? Better yet, when I was a kid on the East Side, all the mom-and-pop stores sold single cigarettes at two for a nickle out of a cigar box.

Much of what I wrote is tongue-in-cheek, but I applaud State Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling for using common sense as well as great judgement in putting a stop to such an insane law. We remain the home of the free, for now.

Tim O’Shei