Students must learn to respect authority

Any good teacher can handle 40 students. But the students must want to learn. They must respect authority. They must successfully complete the prerequisite for the class. They cannot be permitted to disrupt the proceedings, or to bully other students or the teacher. If students disrupt a class, curse at other students or those in authority, arbitrarily use a cellphone or cause general mayhem, they should be removed from the class permanently. No one-day or five-day suspension. It is not fair for the students who want to learn to tolerate this misbehavior.

The previous generation is lost. The present is close to being lost. The next generation has a chance if children can start to learn at age 3. If the environment, parents, racial problems or economic problems are at fault, they must be corrected or removed. Cooperation from the parents/guardians is a must. Teachers go to school to teach; not to be a policeman, a referee of fights or a disciplinarian. They are licensed by the state and trained in schools that are sanctioned by the state. The control problem seems to be in the hands of the authority: the governor, the state Education Department, the superintendent, the School Board and the principals. If they can’t or won’t correct the situation, they should resign or we will continue to have dire results.

These bad actors have been brought up with the idea that they do not need to study to get a diploma. Why worry or work? The government will supply you with free housing, utilities, food, clothing and medical care. If anyone steps on your toes – teachers, principals or other students – just violently rebel. Show them you can’t be pushed around. Disrupt the class. Curse at supervision. Do as you please.

Joe Bauer