Society needs to change, not the Catholic Church

Many years ago, Pope John Paul II said: “You can’t take a vote on the truth,” and if ever there was a time for Catholic Christians to live this motto, it’s now because the continuing thoughts from some are exasperating.

Lately, news reports dominate with dissident opinions from so-called Catholics that range from one wanting the next pope to be a woman, to another for the church to relax its stance on birth control, and still others who just want to see the church bend the rules or lower its standards as the faithful make their way through this life in hope of one day receiving salvation.

The underlying motivation to all of these opinions is an idea that the church needs to change in order to adapt to today’s society. For those in this group, I sincerely beg of them to look at the world around them and honestly consider if it’s truly the church or society that needs to change.

Catholicism is about saving souls, and the church exists to uphold a moral code and belief system that leads to that salvation. Same-sex marriage, abortion and the many other issues society wants the church to change its teachings on are off the table because these things are not rooted in truth, and therefore, can take one off the road to salvation.

Change can be good, but the truth is always best, and the church will never force its beliefs and teachings on anyone. If one disagrees with what it upholds, then one can always leave for something else. But understand, satisfying one’s truth in place of Christian truth is grave, and the Catholic Church exists so that the Gospel can be preached, the truth promoted and sinners saved.

In the end, one’s either all in or not in at all when it comes to Catholicism. If it’s picking and choosing that some desire, then I suggest they leave the Holy Communion line for the buffet line.

Ricky Jay Warnes