Many were thrilled to see Busti Avenue homes razed

Well, it finally happened; the unsafe Busti Avenue homes came down. Hooray! The U.S. Federal District Court denied the request of the preservationists and the obstructionist residents to stop the demolition of these houses. The court declared those houses to be structurally unsound and crime-ridden. And, I would like to add, rat-infested and an eyesore in the neighborhood.

It is about time someone stood up to those obstructionists with their stalling tactics. They always seem to get their way. Well, not this time. We could have a beautiful expanded plaza if they had not interfered. It would have been just as easy to demolish the 80 or so remaining homes that were included in the original plans.

Going forward, I hope that any future plans for the plaza will be handled in the same manner as the Busti homes. There has been enough stopping of progress in Buffalo by self-serving individuals.

Barbara L. Battista