America is doomed thanks to liberalism

Liberalism is destroying traditional America. With each passing day, liberals are undermining the Constitution and corrupting the principles and values that have made this nation the envy of the world. For decades, schools have been indoctrinating and radicalizing impressionable young students. Our once-revered Founders are now portrayed as antiquated purveyors of racism and greed. The positive aspects of our past are downplayed or ignored; the negatives are magnified and emphasized.

Democracy, with its inherent freedoms, cannot survive without the internal discipline religion provides. Yet, even as soaring crime rates and immorality shred the fabric of our society, our Judeo-Christian ethic is ridiculed as superstition. Morality as religious dogma is being displaced by atheistic secularism. Scriptural quotes and holy symbols are being expunged from public display, while Big Brother conveniently uses the void left by conscience to install surveillance cameras everywhere.

The Constitution, our guarantor of freedom, is deemed archaic, if not obsolete. Free speech is muzzled by the PC police, who punish violators with fines and brainwashing classes. Our right “to keep and bear arms” is being regulated out of existence. The major media, former palladia of truth and objectivity, are now shameless partisan propagandists.

Illegal aliens invading our country are rewarded with a cornucopia of benefits paid for by, and often denied to, legal citizens. Diversity is dividing and polarizing us, instigating class and cultural warfare. Our denigrated military is further weakened and demoralized by the unrealistic mixing of genders. God, country, family, culture – once these entities are finally transformed or destroyed, and total control ensured, liberalism will peel off its mask of political, social and economic justice and reveal the face of tyranny.

James Costa