Congress has failed the American people

The Congress of the United States has let us down again; this time regarding the sequester. It is time we the people take back our country. When this country was young, we elected individuals to represent us, and they did just that. Now, we elect officials to let our voice be heard and they make the decisions for us.

Every senator and congressman should live in or at least visit the area he or she serves. We should take the lobbyists out of Washington and put them in a sty where they belong.

People need to wake up. We are $16 trillion in debt and nobody is concerned. The freeloading congressmen and senators have been taking advantage of our apathetic ways for too long. We have to elect people for what they can do for us, not who can dig up the most dirt on his opponent. The ones who do this the most obviously have nothing to offer.

Mark Waldmiller

West Seneca