• North Main St., Judy N. Wagner to Jacob R. Froman, $126,000.

• Orangeport Road, Gregory R. Hartman to Thomas R. O’Connor, $65,000.

• Drum Road, Sara Barker; Sara E. Barker; Craig C. Barker; Craig Barker to Ryan S. Kleinhans; Donna S. Kleinhans, $6,000.


• Page Ave., Amy Lauzonis; Amy Griesmer to William Murphy Jr., $155,000.

• 715 Powell Lane, Thomas L. Hanna; Rose M. Hanna to Jennifer R. Kensinger, $80,000.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $96,460 Average price: $50,858 Median price: $42,250 Number of Sales: 8

• Morrow Ave., Daniel J. McNamara; Sylvia M. McNamara to Corey P. Webster, $96,460.

• Lakeview Parkway & Woodlawn Ave., Sandra L. Meierer to Brian R. Haseley, $95,900.

• 109 Lewis St., Jesika Froman; Jacob R. Froman to Joshua Collins, $67,000.

• South St., Blaine Churchill to Scott Case; Joanne Case, $57,000.

• Washburn St. & Spalding St., Margaret J. Simmons to Jennifer M. Rinaldo; John J. Rinaldo; Michelle L. Rinaldo, $27,500.

• Elmwood Ave. & Washburn St., Saxton Properties to Robert Smit; Karen Smit, $19,500.

• South St., Scott A. Huntington to Stephanie M. Ulm; Todd C. Ulm, $16,000.


• Campbell Blvd., Sharon L. Brown; Blanche E. Brown; Ronald A. Brown; Dale N. Brown to Jacob J. Verdonselli, $40,000.


• 2618 Albert St., Kathleen A. Everett; Wayne E. Everett to Stacy A. Bowman, $142,500.

• 6029 West Ave., Linda S. Smith to Francis C. Dengate Jr., $79,500.

• Lockport-Olcott Road, Christopher J. Tucker; Mari A. Tucker to Santo Tomasine, $78,500.


• 121 Blank Road, Renita M. Jones to Estates At Wildwood Acres/Condo B, $18,870.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $106,900 Average price: $49,573 Median price: $43,950 Number of Sales: 10

• Madison Ave., Stanley N. Wojton; Teresa M. Wojton to Chelsea Farnham, $106,900.

• 547 & 1018 22nd St. & 2252 Lasalle & 625 & 631 4th St. & 327 Spruce & 615 24th St. & 544 18th St. & 1604 Niagara & 521 29th St., Western New York Business Ventures Inc. to Buffalo Niagara Falls Real Estate, $87,000.

• Mason Court, Nancy Scarsella-Kurek to Ryan A. Mang, $79,000.

• 75th St., Nancy E. Scorsone; Michael P. Scorsone; Nancy E. Geib to Paul Campbell, $55,000.

• 87th St., Casimera Catonese; Casimera Catanese to Lynn T.M. Perry, $49,900.

• 2727 Independence Ave., Mary Ann Yadon to Mary Frances Dell, $38,000.

• Buffalo Ave., Michael H. McIntyre to Cindy W. Huang; Thomas C. McIntyre, $34,062.

• East Falls St., Dorothy E. Garry; Patricia E. Presutti to Rhode Island Red Llc, $20,000.

• 121 Blank Road, Renita M. Jones to Estates At Wildwood Acres/Condo B, $18,870.

• 72nd St., Patrick Pilon to Anthony Welch, $7,000.


• 9th Ave., Robert D. Demeester to Sean Z. Polen, $116,900.

• Warner Ave. & Witmer Road, Troy L. Brosius; Terry L. Brosius; Thomas L. Brosius; Donald E. Brosius to Susan Brosius; Terry L. Brosius, $105,000.


• Creekbend Drive, Majestic Woods Development to Amy E. Griesmer; John R. Griesmer, $65,000.

• Cloverleaf Lane, Campbell Pendleton to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $54,000.

• Sheetram Road, Robert Irving Thomson; Darlene A. Brooks; Sharon A. Niezgoda; Karen P. Kudla; Robert I. Thomson; Lynn Marie Hall to LPS Home Improvement Co., $25,000.


• Carrollwood Drive, Michael Knack; Wendy L. Wood to Richard J. Neri; Teresa A. Hill, $25,000.


• Riddle Road, Albert C. Claude; Alvin C. Claude to Joshua T. Fiegl, $127,900.


• Balla Drive, Ellen M. Mascaro; Frank J. Mascaro to Marie R. Dionne; Robert E. Dionne Jr., $260,000.