Save Clarence teachers, cut funding elsewhere

The March 3 News article, “9.8 percent tax levy rise looms as Clarence school budget evolves,” was an eye-opening article. A 9.8 percent tax increase leading to 30 job cuts in the Clarence School District is something to worry about as a lifetime Clarence resident and the daughter of a Clarence teacher. This will also affect homeowners and property owners, because their taxes will skyrocket.

This pending change is going to have a significant negative impact. All cuts in the district have fallen on the teachers in the past few years and now even more are planned. This will add to the unemployment rate, and children will not get the same educational experiences as kids in the past have. The Clarence School District is a “school of excellence,” which is a title the district will be giving up if it cuts its teachers.

This problem could be solved in other ways. Cuts need to be thought out and leave room for regrowth in our community. Cutting teachers doesn’t allow for new growth. Cutting expenditures throughout the district is an alternative way to start to solve this problem. Extracurricular activities, such as the arts and sports, could set up fundraisers instead of using school budget money. Even cutting back on the money these programs receive will help reduce costs and assist in saving our teachers.

Breonna Henningham