Many of us don’t have respect for Letterman

Over the years, I have read Jeff Simon’s column and have appreciated his insight into the world of television. However, I must take exception to his remarks on the decline of Jay Leno in his March 5 column. It would appear that Simon does not like Leno. He, instead, would prefer David Letterman. So be it. This is America. However, please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me that Letterman “is revered.”

Simon has a short memory and I need to remind him that Letterman is the boss who was having affairs with several women in his office who worked for him. Coercion? Exercising his right of being the boss? We’ll never know for sure. But I think that it’s really Letterman “who is the smart aleck kid in class who can’t wait to make fun of the dolts at lunch behind their backs.”

Simon admits that Leno has always had the ratings but I completely disagree that Letterman “has always had the love and respect.”

Jerry S. Kelly