Club Infinity, 8166 Main St., Clarence, has closed its doors.

The concert club, long home to well-attended weekly Thursday Country Night line-dancing parties, also booked local bands, classic rock touring bands, modern country, metal and hardcore shows on a consistent basis.

This past weekend, prior to its closing, Infinity hosted the 25th anniversary party for Terrapin Station, featuring local jam bands and a headlining set from Big Leg Emma. The event was reportedly a near-sellout.

Manager Ken Shelley said the club is closing due to the increasing financial difficulties posed by “a tough economy and a lot of competition.”

Shelley points to the many free and soft-ticketed open-air shows that fill the roster during summer in Western New York as providing an abundance of choice to potential customers. But he also noted the difficulties concert club owners face in light of the high prices paid to touring acts by area casinos.

“The casinos price people like me right out of the market,” Shelley said. “They can afford to pay the artists way more than the market will support, because it’s a loss-leader for them. So an act I have paid $7,000 in the past goes and plays a casino for $25,000, and then expects someone like me to pay them that the next time around, it just can’t be done.”

Shelley hopes to open a smaller concert venue in the area in the near future.

Anyone who has purchased tickets for scheduled shows at Club Infinity online via credit card will have their money refunded immediately.

The remaining events will be relocated to area venues, and tickets sold prior to Infinity’s closing will be honored.

“People should watch the website,, for information on the shows being relocated, and email us at with questions,” Shelley said.