In certain families, the artistic gene is dominant and irrepressible. Local examples include Charles Burchfield, whose curiosity and style flowed in certain ways to his daughter Catherine Parker; or the various Kegler brothers, whose ongoing work includes bookmaking, design and painting.

An exhibition opening Saturday in Nina Freudenheim Gallery, which just closed an exhibition of extraordinary paintings by Kyle Butler, will explore the work of another fascinating artistic family: the Woodmans.

“The Four Woodmans” showcases work by the internationally regarded ceramicist Betty Woodman; her equally esteemed husband, painter and photographer George Woodman; their deceased daughter, Francesca Woodman, whose photographs are highly prized and widely exhibited; and Charles Woodman, who works with live music and projections. Charles Woodman will give a live performance April 5 at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery as a companion to his work in the Nina Freudenheim Gallery. – Colin Dabkowski


“Four Woodmans” — Date: Opening 6 p.m. Saturday through April 19. Place: Nina Freudenheim Gallery, 140 North St. Info: 882-5777,