Lots of us are concerned about an erosion of rights

While I appreciate the front-page coverage in The Buffalo News of the rally in Albany on Feb. 28 opposing the NY SAFE Act, I am offended that the crowd was characterized as “heavily white, male and from upstate.” The crowd at the rally held in Buffalo a few weeks ago was similarly characterized.

This is the type of thing that, although it is subtle, trivializes the fact that people are concerned about the erosion of their Second Amendment rights. It makes it sound like this is just a small, specific group of people concerned with their guns.

This is the type of thing that also splits our country. We are all Americans, no matter what color, age, gender or race we are or where we live, and as Americans we should all be alarmed when politicians think they have more power than the Constitution gives them. When people stand up to defend their rights, they should not be labeled by color, race, age, gender or where they live.

I was at that rally and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration can say there were only 5,000 people at that rally, but they are only kidding themselves.

Linda Kotlarsz