State’s new gun laws won’t make us safer

Assemblyman Dave DiPietro has reported on WBEN that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and anti-gun politicians want even more gun control. We now have a proposal that all gun owners must purchase insurance to own guns. It never stops; one bad idea after another. In 2011, FBI Uniform Crime Statistics Table 20 showed five New Yorkers killed by “all” rifles, while knives, clubs and fists accounted for 329. It’s been the same year after year at the state and national levels. Semiautomatic guns have been around for more than 100 years; mass shootings began in 1993. What’s changed? That’s the question.

A quick look at under Canadian Long Gun Registry showed an estimated annual cost to run of $2 million a year in 1993. By 2010 it was $66.4 million. By February 2004 it also cost $2 billion to set up. In 2003, the former commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police stated the law has not deterred or solved any crimes. Less than 30 percent of Canadian guns were registered when the law was repealed in 2012.

Our original 10-year assault weapons ban showed no drop in crime. The New York Combined Ballistic Identification System (CoBIS) kept a spent shell casing from every pistol sold in New York. It cost at least a billion dollars, and never solved a crime before it was also repealed, ironically, by Cuomo. The current ban is all about politics. We won’t be any safer.

Dave Petrie