SILVER CREEK – Officials expect about $274,000 in Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to be released soon to pay for damage from the 2009 flood.

Trustee Nick Piccolo announced Monday that a State Emergency Management Organization representative visited the village Friday and said they expected that final approval should be sent to the Governor’s Office soon.

The village has been seeking about $2.3 million to cover losses from the flood. The money set to be sent in this installment was for losses of equipment at the fire hall and inside the Department of Public Works building on North Main Street.

The village is still seeking the bulk of the funds for replacing the Department of Public Works building with a facility in a new location at Routes 5 and 20 that was leased and eventually purchased.

Mayor Kurt Lindstrom praised Piccolo’s efforts in pressing state and federal officials to help get the funds. Piccolo said State Sen. Catherine Young and Rep. Tom Reed were very helpful in the efforts and agreed to help continue the plan to reimburse the village for other flood losses.

As the outgoing mayor, Lindstrom has been working with Piccolo on the project. Piccolo has the endorsement of Republicans and Democrats in his bid for mayor in the March 19 election. At this point, he is unopposed by any endorsed candidate for the position.

In other matters, DPW Superintendent Ralph Crawford praised the efforts of departing board members Lindstrom and Amy Romanik. He said there have been several successful improvement projects they supported, including two flood abatement projects.

Village Attorney Dan Gard presented a new rules of procedure and meeting policy for officials to review. It was tabled for further study.

The trustees also heard from resident Larry Eidens, seeking a reduction in his water bill and a waiver of penalties on the bill since a meter was replaced. The matter was referred to the Water Department for review.

The possibility of a farmers’ market on Friday afternoons in addition to a Saturday morning market was discussed. Trustee Romanik said the issue is being looked at by the Chamber of Commerce and further information is expected in the spring.