Who?: Drew Celestino, guitar and vocals; Jason Oberg, guitar; Mitch Krieger, drums; Adam Malone, bass.

What?: Buffalo-grown heavy metal is an in-your-face fusion of hardcore, thrash and traditional metal, with an emphasis on prog-based complexity.

Why?: The Long Cold Dark is a ferocious ensemble, with a machinelike rhythm section propelling dense, aggressive riffs and fiery ensemble playing. Fans of Slayer, Mercyful Fate and early Metallica will find plenty to bang their heads to here.

What’s Next?: The band opens for New Wave of British Heavy Metal icons Diamond Head on April 17 in Club Infinity (8166 Main St., Clarence).

Check Out: Visit and listen to a selection of the band’s work. Visit the band’s official page at You can also find the band’s debut full-length through iTunes.

Jeff Miers