Year-round access to lake would be nice

I must agree 100 percent with the letter, “Region must improve boaters’ access to lake.” We sportsmen of Lake Erie have no access to the lake from Oct. 15 until the following May. All the launches are closed down, the docks are pulled out and the launch ramps are then blocked off and can’t be used.

As the writer stated, we pay fees all summer long – we pay for our license and registration and so on. I and many others feel the Great Lakes are natural resources that belong to everyone, and we should not be blocked off from using them when we want. If we want to put our boats in the water on a January day when there is no ice, we should be able to do so.

Why do we have to wait until May to get on the water? Our boating season in Western New York is short as it is. Congressman Brian Higgins is doing a great job with the waterfront. Now we would like to see some access to the lake all year round. We have the launches; we just can’t use them. Why?

There should also be a boat launch at Evangola State Park. Everything is already there – the road to the lake, a parking lot – except the launch.

Floyd Schilling