Women should choose adoption over abortion

In a recent letter, a member of Planned Parenthood emphasizes that a woman’s decision whether or not “to take an unintended pregnancy to full term is complex, nuanced and intensely personal.” It is indeed quite true that such situations are often very difficult for the woman: there are financial questions, there are fears that she might not be ready (mature enough) to raise a child, there are worries that her educational/career plans might have to be radically changed and similar issues.

If she feels that she just can’t raise her child, she might be able to find a grandmother, sister or other family member or friend to take on the task. Failing that, she could put her baby up for adoption to be raised by a loving couple eager for a child.

We in the right-to-life movement lament only one option: to pay a doctor to destroy the baby growing within her while pretending that the baby is hers (“a part of my body”) rather than a separate human being who possesses the right to life.

Dan Mattimore

West Seneca