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Expats to Repats: Leaving Buffalo shows woman how much she loves it

Jenna Luehrsen said her return to Buffalo after moving to Florida was one of the best decisions she ever made. "Coming back home helped me find myself. It helped me find that connection I had been looking for."

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‘You’re coming to my house with me and you’re going to like it,’ woman said Kane told her

Sworn depositions given to Buffalo police by four people describe a series of aggressive incidents.

Alleged threats to police delays sentencing of twin killers

Prosecutors said the 22-year-old twins threatened to kill police officers.

Where is missing fisherman Giusseppe Reinhart?

Search continues on Lake Erie for Ontario man.

Kirst’s quest to find meanest things ever said about Buffalo

Columnist says there’s a certain harsh pride and humor in the awful stuff said about our city.

Smiles at 12th annual Taste of Orchard Park

Photos from the community's popular food event.

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